Textile Fabrication

Milson Tisdale

Clarissa Penn's Silk Quilt (1840-1860)


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sound, drone, noise, and popular song structure

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Sunday 10/06/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Jack Allet Place, Memory and Forgetting The Collapsing Middle Blackest Rainbow 2011
Pardons A Pip of Pardons Acid Mother's Temple Soul Collective Tour 2003 self-released 2003
Douglas Lilburn Poem In Time of War V/A-New Zealand Electronic Music orig. 1975
Brother Ahh Love Piece (w/ Max Roach) Sound Awareness Strata-East orig. 1972
Teatime (Coombes/Beresford/Russell/Solomon) European improvised music sho' 'nuff turns me on pt.4 S/T Emanem rec.Jan. 14 1975
Tim Buckley side B Lorca Elektra 1970
I Had A Talk With My Woman
Nobody Walkin'
Sun Ra Honeysuckle Rose St. Louis Blues IAI rec. 1977; solo piano