Streaming Consciousness


Got a warm welcome-back-embrace to kdvs today

Happy fall & happy listening

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Sunday 9/29/2013 @ 3:00PM - 4:30PM
Scott Tuma Red Roses For Me Dandelion Digitalis
Scott Tuma Oakum Dandelion Digitalis
UV Race Always Late Homo In The Red Records
Robert Pollard Bally Hoo Choreographed Man Of War luna music
Point Reyes Golden Golden Big School
Point Reyes Unlake Golden Big School
Enumclaw Harmonic Convergence Opening of the Dawn Honeymoon Music
Fabi The Immigrant When We Were Young Talking Helps
Envelopes I Don't Even Know (La Priest Remix) I Don't Even Know Remix Brille
Enumclaw Third Prime Opening of the Dawn Honeymoon Music
Helado Negro Dahum Awe Owe Asthmatic Kitty Records
Fol Chen This is Where the Road Belongs Part II: The New December Asthmatic Kitty
Pigeons Garland Virgin Spectacle Black Dirt
All There Prologue All There self-released
All There You've Changed All There self-released
XXYYXX Slow Down XXYYXX Relief In Abstract
Moderat A New Error Moderat BPitch Control