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A few Krautrock selections today, and all 31 minutes of the first Transatlantic opus All Of The Above appears on the show today.  If you have never heard it before, it is a magnificent piece, from one of the all-time greatest supergroups in prog history.  An edit of it simply will not do.  (L-R) Pete Trawavas, Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse and Roine Stolt.

Latin prog is a reality and we'll hear some from Tempus Fugit (Brazil) and Viuda Negra (Equador).  Progressive Equador?  You betcha, and only on The Prog Rock Palace.  

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Saturday 10/12/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
GTR The Hunter The Hunter EP Arista 1986; England Rare EP single release
Ethos Start Anew Open Up EMI/Capitol/Masa Ito 1977/2009; Ft. Wayne, IN
Novalis Laughing Krautrock: Music For Your Brain V.2 (disc 3 of 6) Universal Music 1973/2007; Germany
Miriodor La Roue Cobra Fakir Cuneiform 2013; Canada
Jane Here We Are Krautrock: Music For Your Brain V.2 (disc 6 of 6) Universal Music 1973/2007; Germany
Gentle Giant Alucard Gentle Giant Vertigo 1970; England
Karda Estra Scorpia Constellations Cyclops Records 2003; England
Transatlantic All Of The Above SMPT: E Radiant/Metal Blade 2000; Multinational
Tempus Fugit Puntos De Fuga Parts 1 and 2 Chessboard Masque Records 2008; Brazil
Gordian Knot Some Brighter Thing Emergent Sensory 2003; USA
Viuda Negra Nucleo II/Instintos La Voz De Los Bosques Terra Media 2007; Equador
Jack Lancaster and Robin Lumley Take Off/Sail On Solar Winds Marscape Verdant Records 1976; England
Robert Wyatt Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road Rock Bottom Thirsty Ear 1974; England