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Relatively short-lived and almost unknown in the USA, Trace was one of the prog-jazz music scene greats in Netherlands during the 1970s.  Rick Van Der Linden was among the small handful of keyboard giants, but virtually unknown outside of Western Europe. 

Quite a bit of obscure and abstract material on the show today, even more-so than usual. 

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Progressive rock and jazz

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Saturday 9/28/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
RPWL The Ugliest Man In The World Beyond Man And Time AFM Records 2012; Germany
Trace Trace I/Witches' Dance/Surrender/Interlude II The White Ladies RCA 1977; Netherlands
Uriah Heep Beautiful Dream Return To Fantasy Warner Brothers 1975; England
Jim Backus And Friend Delicious The Golden Age Of Rock And Roll: Special Novelty Edition Rhino 2003; Los Angeles
Hostsonaten Evening Dance Summereve AMS 2011; Italy
Rick Wakeman Bridge Of Time/Never Is A Long, Long Time Return To The Centre Of The Earth EMI 1999; England
Harlequin Mass Fabulous Angel Harlequin Mass Big Balloon Music 1978; Portland
Ain Soph Variations On A Theme By Brian Smith A Story Of Mysterious Forest Spalax Music 1980/2001; Japan
Fate's Warning Part Of The Machine Perfect Symmetry Enigma/Metal Blade 1989; New York
Little Atlas On And On Wanderlust Prog Rock Records 2005; Miami
To-Mera Asylum Delusions Candlelight Records 2008; England
Machiavel Beyond The Silence Mechanical Moonbeams Esoteric 1978/2001; Belgium
D'arcana We Are Not Alone Premonitions Lemuria Music 2006; Nevada City, Ca
French TV The Kokonino Stomp The Violence Of Amateurs Pretentious Dinosaur 1999; Louisville
Covenant Premise Of Light Nature's Divine Reflection Syn-Phonic 1992; Austin