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As Sherman's Union army laid waste to Georgia on its march from Atlanta to the sea at Savannah, General John Bell Hood's Confederate army suffered a devastating defeat at the Battle of Franklin on this date in 1864. The failed Nashville Campaign was the final Southern offensive of the Civil War.
The Franklin-Nashville Campaign: The South's Final Offensive


Classical, Avant-Garde

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Saturday 11/30/2013 @ 2:00PM - 4:00PM
Claire Chase 16, for amplified flute and string trip (2003) Aliento New Focus Recordings Jason Eckhardt, composer
Galimir String Quartet Ellis Kohs: A Short Concert for String Quartet (Quartet No 2 - 1948) Siegmeister / Kohs CRI
Ralph Sauer Milhaud: Concertino d'Hiver (1953) Music for Trombone Crystal Paul Pitman, Piano
Cheryl Leonard and Anika Draugelates Vanishing Ship Portholes Great Hoary Marmot Music Recorded January 2010
David Del Tredici Ballad in Lavender (2004) Gotham Glory Naxos
Bran(...)pos Sawed Off at Plasticized Forest Den Of Ordure and Iridescence Resipiscent
ExclusiveOr World on a Wire Archaea Carrier
ExclusiveOr Archaea Archaea Carrier