Revenge of the Handlebar Moustache

Calamity Janie

I am now on Tuesday night!  Right before Mr. Mick Mucus.  Here is a radio show of all new music.


Rock, Indie, Punk

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Tuesday 9/24/2013 @ 8:00PM - 9:00PM
Dream I'm Counting on You Get Dreamy Shadoks psych from Norway
White Manna I'm Comin Home Dune Worship Holy Mountain psych
Bare Mutants Inside My Head The Affliction In The Red mellow
Coke Weed Anklet Back To Soft Self Released mellow rock
La Machine Who is He? Phases & Repetition Castleface mellow rock weird
Wampire The Hearse Curiosity Polyvinyl it's a catchy pop jam, says the label
The Octopus Project Death Graduates Fever Forms Peek-a-Boo upbeat rock
Pang Attention Deficit Attention Deficit Play Pinball single 45 rock, punky
Primitive Hearts Wandering Eyes High & Tight FDH/Full Thrash LP 45 B4 punk
Dancer Shirley in Love On The Run 7" Daggerman single 45 B side midtempo punk
Ice Age Burning Hand You're Nothing Matador punk
Mouthbreathers Nowhere Else To Go Nowhere Slovenly single 45 A side punk
Lazy Party City Obsession Moniker LP A1 punk from Kansas City
Housewives Special Power Housewives R.I.P. Society single 45 A1 punk