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Songs for my dog. I miss him so much already.


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Monday 9/16/2013 @ 8:00PM - 9:00PM
Creamcheeze Good-Time Band Living Without You
Peter Broderick Freyr! These Walls Of Mine Erased Tapes but instead of a cat...
Misha Losing Teardrop Sweetheart Tomlab
Melting Moments Baby Baby There is a Rat in Separate We're Twins I played this around the time we brought Timber home! Back in 2008
Pangea With the Good Things Always Come the Bad Magic Magic Griznar Music Collective Recordings oh, how he paced in the middle of the night! and ran into stuff :)
New Radiant Storm King Midnight Comes Drinking in the Moonlight Darla I didn't even know what I was embarking on--I played this right after we brought puppers home.
Sloan Waiting for Slow Songs Between the Bridges Murder I don't know why this makes me think of him, but it does
June and the Exit Wounds Hey Hey Hey A Little More Haven Hamilton, Please Parasol a common narration
Andy Tisdall I Built A Shrine Cotton Cannibals Self Released I also played this song right around the time we brought home our beautiful dog
P:ano Clapping Hands Brigadoon Mint Records I can just see Timber running to this song--well, running in his way.
The Heavy Blinkers He Heard His Song The Night And I Are Still So Young Cooking Vinyl some kind of weird 'head towards the light' vibe with this track.
Silent League, the Time The orchestra, sadly, has refused File 13 five years...definitely not enough
Black Fiction I hope you never die Ghost Ride Howells Transmitter good bye pup. you were the best dog ever.
Gap Dream Heart Gap Dream Burger for my other man,