Wasting Away with the Blues

DJ Frosty

Sunburn here, subbing in for DJ Frosty this week and the next. I'll tip my hat to the blues, but tonight we waste away in the desert. 


Blues, Rock, Soul, Funk

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Saturday 9/14/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Black Spiders Knock You Out This Savage Land Cooking Vinyl
Stone Troopers Party Like An Ewok (Single) Self-Released
Stone Troopers Wookie Boogie (Single) Self-Released
Moonbow feat. Brant Bjork Take It For Granted The End Of Time (Unknown)
Black Pussy Aint Talkin' Bout Love On Blonde Made In China Records
Bison, Bison Rivertown Bison, Bison Self-Released
Black Pussy Swim (A) On Blonde Made In China Records
Kyuss Odyssey Welcome To Sky Valley Elektra
Vista Chino Planets 1 & 2 Peace Napalm Records
Halo Trio Cataratas Halo Trio EP Self-Released
The Whirlings Bhairab Pond (Upcoming) Self-Released
Glowsun Sleepwalker Eternal Season Spinning Goblin Productions
Tangerine Stoned Venice Tangerine Stoned Moonlight Records
Holy Mount Eiger Alpic Self-Released
Space Mushroom Fuzz Blue Haze Man In The Shadow Self-Released
45 Rats Star '54 Electric Self-Released
Fancy Beast On The Dock Of Decay Fancy Beast EP Self-Released
Dead Meadow Rains In The Desert Warble Womb Xemu Records Release TBA 2013
Electric Ears Red Eye (Single) Self-Released
Lord Fowl Moon Queen Moon Queen Small Stone Records