Bleary-Eyed Metal Slug


 A little Soul-Reaping music to get the Restless Leg Syndrome, Seizures and/or Headaches triggered.

Metal Bands, submit your music for airplay to:


14 Lower Freeborn Hall

Davis, CA 95616



Metal, Hard Rock, Blues and Classic Country

Missed the Show?

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Thursday 9/12/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Meshiha Commence The Suffering Commence the Suffering Permeated Records And now YOU pray for mercy!
Hell-Born Devourer Of Souls Cursed Infernal Steel Ibex Moon records
Soulreaper Darken The Sign Written In Blood Nuclear Blast 2000
Valdur Great Abyss Unfold Raven God Amongst Us Bloody Mountain
Urgehal Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer Ikonoklast Season Of Mist 2009
7H.Target Transmutation Energy Machine Fast-Slow Demolition Coyote 2012
Deus Mortem It Starts to Breathe Inside Emanations of the Black Light Strych Promotions 2013
Satanic Warmaster Warmaster Returns Nachzehrer Werewolf Records
Ebola Burn The Holy Bible Ebola Old Temple from Poland
Amon Amarth Deceiver Of The Gods Deceiver of the Gods Metal Blade 2013
Vital Remains Devoured Elysium Dechristianize Olympic Recordings 2003. Played Masterful set at the Oakland Metro last Saturday!
Execration The Stars Will Make Known My Rage The Acceptance of Zero Existence Comatose Music 2012. Excellent band that also played the Metro supporting the Vader Tour.
Nifelheim Infernal Flame Of Destruction Envoy Of Lucifer Regain 2008
Killgasm Bloodbath Of Satanic Vengeance Bloodbath of Satanic Vengeance UW Records Playing at The Colony this Sunday (9/15/13) featuring Shawn Whitaker, Iniquitous Savagery, Genocaust, Psychiatric Regurgitation, Newtdick, Embodied Torment, Logistic Slaughter and Accidentally Murdered. Show listed as starting 5:00 P.M.
Newtdick Drain The Lizard Slime The Planet The Nutzz Records see above for local show 9/15/13.
Newtdick Stomp On Frogs Slime The Planet The Nutzz Records
Gwar Biledriver Violence Has Arrived Metal Blade 2001. Playing Ace Of Spades 10/19/13 with White Chapel, Iron Reagan and A Band Of Orcs.
Necrophobic Realm Of Terror Satanic Blasphemies Regain 2008
Aeon i wish you death Aeons Black Metal Blade
Blasphemous Creation Disciples Of The Underworld Diabolical Kingdom APOCRYPHA RECORDS 2009. Headlining Oakland Metro 10/6/13 with Embodied Torment, Minenwerfer and others......
Negator Atonement In Blood Gates To The Pantheon Prosthetic 2013
Grenade The Howling Damned The Howling Damned HELLS HEADBANGERS