Noise Loves Audio

Anne Halo

The last show for a couple of years.

Showcasing Graveface Records out of Savannah GA, Kind Turkey Records run by Bobby Hussy of The Hussy, Urinal Cake and Drag City.





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Sunday 9/15/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Nobunny Bye Bye Roxie Secret Songs Goner
Health Care u 2 Me Lies KiNG SONG RECORDS
Lotus Plaza Strangers Spooky Action At A Distance Kranky
Anne Summer Babies Dream Punx A389 Recordings
Whirr Ghost Distressor Graveface
The Stargazer Lillies We Are The Dreamers We Are The Dreamers Graveface
Monster Movie Letting You Know Transistor Graveface
Octopus Project, the and Black Moth Super Rainbow Psychic Swelling The House Of Apples And Eyeballs Graveface playing Harlows on 9/19
The Casket Girls Shadow Of A Shadow The Casket Girls Graveface
The Marshmallow Ghosts The Attic The Marshmallow Ghosts Graveface
The Lava Children Particles The Lava Children Graveface
Hospital Ships Little Dead Leaf Lonely Twin Graveface
Ritual Howls Rosabelle Believe Ritual Howls Urinal Cake
Bad Indians If I Had The Chance Sun People Urinal Cake
Gardens Days To Name Days To Name b/w The Onion Peels of Honest John Urinal Cake
Feelings Fun WIth Mantras Fun With Mantras Urinal Cake
Protomartyr Feral Cats No Passion All Technique Urinal Cake
TV Ghost The Amputee The Amputee b/w The Mold Kind Turkey Records
The Hussy Have A Say Cement Tomb Mind Control Kind Turkey Records
The Pharmacy Dig Your Grave Dig Your Grave EP Kind Turkey Records
Wheels On Fire Black Wave Cherry Bomb Kind Turkey Records
The Mystery Girls Silver & Gold In The Meantime The In Between Time Kind Turkey Records
The Lonesome Savages All Outta Love All Outta Love EP Kind Turkey Records
Two Tears Eat People Eat People Kind Turkey Records
Trent Fox & The Tenants Mess Around Mess Around EP Kind Turkey Records
Flying Saucer Attack Second Hour Chorus Drag City
Aerial M Always Farewell Aerial M Drag City
Broadcast Phantom Work And Non Work Drag City
Magik Markers Don't Talk In Your Sleep Balf Quarry Drag City
White Hills Rare Upon The Earth So You Are...So You'll Be Thrill Jockey