1000 Points of Fright

Pirate of the High Frequenseas

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Friday 9/06/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Deadsoil Absolute Never Venom Divine
Jungle Rot Utter Chaos Terror Regime
Thorr's Hammer Troll EP
Through These Gates Facing the Truth Alone Church of a Thousand Sorrows
Acheron Lifeforce (The Blood) Those Who Have Risen
Defeated Sanity Verses of Deformity Passages of Deformity
Black Flame The Other Face of Hell Imperium
Zombie Apocalypse Dead in the Queue This is a Spark of Life
Defeated Sanity Naraka Passages Into Deformity
Abysmal Dawn Wicked Impulse From Ashes
Craft Hidden Under the Skin Terror Propaganda
Imperial Remember Hell We Sail At Dawn
Morning Again Dictation of Beauty 25 Ta Life
HeavenShallBurn You Will Be Godless Veto
Sadus Throwing Away the Day Vision of Misery Thank you for the request!
Apiary Finding a Way Back Lost in Focus
Venom Black Metal Black Metal Thank you for the request!
Unholy Oblivion Awaken the Sleep
Hecate Enthroned Pagan Swords of Legend Dark Requiems
End of All Down With All We Have Paradise Burning
Secreted Entity Perception Horrifying Hallucinations of Ungodly Activities
Integrity Season Decided Fate Seasons in the Size of Days
Meshiha Commence the Suffering Commence the Suffering
Reflux There's No Sunlight in My Cubicle Illusion of Democracy
Drawn & Quartered Horde of Leviathan Feeding Hell's Furnance