Crossing Continents

Gil Medovoy

 photo syria_zps58159fa7.jpg A jaw-dropping expose of music, news, interviews and field recordings from one of the least-known quarters of the Arab world. The country of Syria has been politically and culturally exiled for decades by the western media leaving little known of its rich heritage of art, music and culture. Recorded and surgically-assembled by Mark Gergis from two trips to Syria in 1998 and 2000, disc one of this 2-CD set features recordings made in Damascus and is a virtual documentary of sound from the legendary Capital including street scenes, a wedding, a mosque interior, spontaneous live music and interviews with citizens, radio broadcasts, a song about Saddam Hussein, and the mystery of an underground city called "Kazib". Disc two extends to Greater syria with the same approach capturing live musicians, political opinions, radio excerpts, an interview with an anonymous homosexual, and unique sound documents from this small but highly-influential corner of the Middle East.



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Saturday 8/31/2013 @ 4:00PM - 7:00PM
Disc 1: 1. Syria Today 2. Radwan Satellite-The Bedouin Lobby 3. Damascus Between the Lines 4. V.I.P. Dinner Knives and the Songbirds of Al Haramain 5. Winged and Winded Receptions 5. Winged and Winded Receptions 6. Al Thawra Street 7. Ummayad Mosque Interio v/a I Remember Syria
Disc 1: 11. Old City: Wedding and Souk 12. Upstairs Downtown Bedouin Boy 13. Youth Radio of the Syrian Arab Republic 14. Mujahadeen 15. Previous Occupations 16. Hamidiyah Median 17. Evening Petrol 18. Meternal Bedouin Saddam Song 19. Syria Today: News, Augu v/a I Remember Syria
Disc 1: 21. Golan Double Fold 22. SW Secrets of the Universe 23. Haddad Reprisal 24. Dueling Cassette Kiosks 25. Kazib City v/a I Remember Syria
Disc 2: 1. Sonic Suriya 2. Homo Aleppo 3. Multi-Interior 4. Radio Abu Kamal 5. Morning Petrol 6. Omar Souleyman Band 7. The Way It Music Be v/a I Remember Syria
Disc 2: 8. Lattakia Nightclub 9. London Freedom 10. Radaio Tartus 11. DeBis 12. Arab Women in Focus 13. Blood Irrigation on the Orontes v/a I Remember Syria
Orlando Owoh and his Omimah Band Logba Logba/Edumare Da Mi Lihun/E Se Rere/Prof Oyewole Dr Ganja's Polytonality Blues 1974, Nigeria
Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimted Mhondoro Gwindingwi Rine Shumba 1981, Zimbabwe
Gabriel Omolo and His Apollo Komesha Wed Today Divorce Tomorrow v/a Kenya Dance Mania Kenya
Chief Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister Fuji Garbage Fuji Garbage 1988, Nigeria
Tirogo Float Float 1977, Nigeria
Le Zagazougou Allah Ma Diana Zagazougou Coup - Accordeons Go To Abidjan 1993, Ivory Coast
Abel Ferreira Saxophone Porque Choras? v/a Samba!
Oz Kiezos Memorias De Lamartine v/a Soul Of Angola