Wight Nights

Cherry Phosphate

Difference and Repetition


Photo by Ralph Eugene Meatyard 


Electronic, Folk, Industrial, Noise, Experimental

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Friday 8/30/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
The Caretaker Mental Caverns Without Sunshine An Empty Bliss Beyond This World Haft Records
Machinefabriek Onkruid Daas Cold Spring
Tom Recchion Enormous Horses Chaotica Birdman Records
Aaron Dilloway Labyrinths and Jokes Modern Jester Hanson Records
Christian Marclay Groove Records Atavistic
Nonhorse Never Sink Clandestine Cassette Series #2 Northern Spy
Giuseppe Ielasi 2 August 12K
Marsen Jules Sleep, My Brother, Sleep Nostalgia Oktaf
Paul Wirkus Valore Energetico Deformation Professionelle Staubgold
William Basinski Dlp 1.2 Disintegration Loops IV 2062
Andrew Pekler Close To Strangers Sentimental Favourites Dekorder
Tom Recchion Forced to Waltz Forever I Love My Organ Birdman
Jason Lescaleet Staring At The Sun's Reflection In The Water Music For Magnetic Tape Arbor
The Caretaker So Run Down Extra Patience (For Sebald) Self-Released
Biosphere People Are Friends Dropsonde Touch
Aki Onda Mute Sphere Clandestine Cassette Series #2 Northern Spy