The Magic Hour

DJ Condor

Jazz week on The Magic Hour, Jackson Ross filling in again.

I know little about Jazz so I'm playing what sounds good. 



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Wednesday 8/28/2013 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Anton Schwartz The Curve of the Earth The Slow Lane AntonJazz
Famoudou Don Moye RIchard's Tune Jam For Your Life AECO Killer drum solo intro
Noertker's Moxie Ladders Cross the Sky in a Blue Wheel of Fire Sketches of Catalonia, Vol.2: Miro' Edgetone Records
Colin Vallon Polygonia Rruga ECM
prophetz of time and space Healing and Revealing vibrations chakra
Jimmy Ponder Mean Streets-No Bridges Steel City Soul 32 Jazz
Arturo Sandoval Blue 93 Dream Come True GRP Records
Jack Walrath Jump Monk Gut Feelings Muse Records
Six Jolly Jesters Goin' Nuts Anthology of Scat Singing Vol.2 Media 7
Mark Whitfield The Marksman The Marksman Warner Bros.
Orange Then Blue Ba-Lue-Bloivar-Ba-Lues-Are Where Were You GM Recordings
Jaco Pastorius Kuru/Speak Like A Child Jaco Pastorius Epic with Herbie Hancock
Andy Narell Out of the Blue Down The Road Windham Hill
Myth Science Discipline(Children of the Sun) Love in Outer Space Knitting Factory Works