The Prog Rock Palace

DJ Markuss & Curtis Carroll

 We have a tasty plateful of Prog to celebrate our new tower site. KDVS has increased its power output nearly 50%. Combined with a new, higher tower site, it means a clearer signal with much greater reach. You can take the PRP to more places and turn on more people.

Today I'll feature two cuts from Scale The Summit's new album. Markuss and I saw them with Dream Theater in 2009 and they've improved considerably with this release. 

A couple of unusual Psychedelic Psunspot cuts (I'll sneak in some Python too if there's time), live Kayak, Hawkwind, and an epic, little heard cut from Banco, round out today's show. 




Progressive rock and jazz

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Saturday 8/24/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Kayak Close To The Sun Chance For a Live Time Phantom 2001 Netherlands
Happy The Man Ibby It Is Live Cuniform 1994 Virginia
Anathema Thin Air We're Here Because We're Here K-Scope 2010 UK
Syzygy Darkfield Leg End FHI 2009 Ohio
Scale The Summit Atlas Novus The Migration Prosthetic 2013 Houston
Scale The Summit The Olive Tree The Migration Prosthetic
Eric Johnson Soulful Terrain Live-February 23, 1990 Lords of Archives 1990. Austin
Mason Williams Baroque-a-Nova Phonograph Record Warner Bros. 1968. Texas
It's A Beautiful Day Essence of Now Marrying Maiden Columbia 1968. California
Opeth I Feel The Dark Heritage Roadrunner 2011. Sweden
Genesis White Mountain Trepass ABC/Impulse 1970 UK
Peter Gabriel White Shadow 2nd album (Scratch) Atlantic 1978 UK
Within Temptation The Truth Beneath The Rose The Heart of Everything Roadrunner 2007 Netherlands
Hawkwind Steppenwolf Astounding Sounds Amazing Music Charisma 1975 UK
Roxy Music Ladytron Roxy Music EG 1972 UK
Banco Metamorphosis Banco Esoteric 1975/2011 Italy