The Triplofonic Sounds

Penny Century



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Thursday 8/22/2013 @ 10:00PM - 11:00PM
Summer Twins I'm No Good Forget Me Burger Riverside, CA
La Luz Call Me In The Day Call Me In the Day b/w Easy Baby Water Wing Seattle
The News Radio Blahs Hot Off The Press Yoga Records 1974
Harry Nilsson Good Times Rock 'n' Roll Nilsson Pickwick 1969
Jerry Jaye Hello Josephine 1967
Eugene Church Pretty Girls Everywhere
Pop Gear UK 1965
Jay & the Techniques Keep The Ball Rollin' b/w Here We Go Again Smash 1967
The Glass Bottle Honey Do The Glass Bottle Avco Embassy 1971
Ford EscortMK 1 UK
Unzip A Banana
Cheech and Chong Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course
The Rockin' Berries What In The World's Come Over You 1965 Pop Gear
The Easybeats The Shame Just Drained
Dead Ghosts How The West Was Won Dead Ghosts Florida's Dying 2010
The Easybeats Baby I'm a Comin
Harry Nilsson Do You Believe
The Merry Go Round Time Will Show The Wiser The Best of the Merry Go Round Rhino ft. Emitt Rhodes
White Fence Mr. Adams/Who Feels Right? self-titled Make a Mess 2010
Anika End Of The World Anika Stones Throw Skeeter Davis cover, 2010
Flash and The Pan Walking In The Rain Flash and The Pan Albert Productions 1978
Ether Island Be Light Season Of Risk 7" Not Not Fun New Mexico
Flash and the Pan Down Among The Dead Men