The Chicken Years

Mr. Mick Mucus


Barf Core, Sock Metal, Food Trance

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Tuesday 8/20/2013 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
The Two Man Gentlemen Band prescription drugs Prescription Drugs b/w Tikka Masala Free Dirt
The Bugs hey charlie WATTS Barbaric Mystical Bored Hovercraft
james kochalka superstar HEY RONald regan MONkEY VS ROBOT
Exiles From Clowntown into the light (No) Original Thort b/w Into the Light Ever/Never
John Bellows YOU COULD BE A PART OF ME Fast Hits Special Needs
six finger satilite the pain has gone away
firewood computer love
moderns got to have pop
I.V. Eyes/Schiller Killers I.V. Eyes - They Saved Terri's Tube split 7-inch Rubber Vomit
Gino and The Goons hit it Play Loud Total Punk
White Murder Shutter Speed Arteries Are Flexible b/w Shutter Speed Self Released
Solid Attitude Dash-ex Dash-Ex b/w Creeping Quilt Sweet Rot
heroin second coming
Engine Boo Green Fingernails Havana Wallabies
joe pop o pies world of morons joes 3rd album
nuevo catecismo catolico haz lo que quiras
roger c reale kill me
AD's livin downtown ny 79
snuky tate new time 79
Komodina 3 meethn noah Komodina 3 Slovenly
xterminator occasional lay
Gizmos dead astronauts Go To Purdue: Live 1979 Gulcher
sea monkeys how to have a good time dumb rock
The Hairs The Magic's Gone EP Break