The Triplofonic Sounds

Penny Century

hg, and chris hagerty filling in. ****PUNX****



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Thursday 8/15/2013 @ 10:00PM - 11:00PM
Nagamatzu She's Speaks Close Shatter Days Dark Entries New*
S- Haters Three White Noise Midnight Music 1985
The Afflicted Man Walk Along the Streets I'm Off Me 'Ead' Permanent New*
Constant Mongrel Choked Heavy Breathing Siltbreeze New*
Department- S Going Left Right Going Left Right Stiff 1985
Portion Control Screen of Death Psycho- Bod Saves The World Dead Mans Curves 1986
Eleven Pond Watching Trees (Bedroom demo) Assemblage Dark Entries New
Altered Images See You Later Pinky Blue Portrait 1982
Wedding Present Not From Where Im Standing Wedding Present Reception 1988
Close Lobsters Just Too Bloody Stupid Foxheads Stalk This Land Fire 1987
Bona Dish Intense Reprise The Zaragoza Tapes 1981-1982 Captured Tracks New*
La Misma/ V/A Saudade V/A- Ground Zero NYC Toxic State New*
Deformity/ V/A Sucker V/A- Ground Zero NYC Toxic State New*
Bits Of Shit Meat Thump Meat Thump b/w W.W. Me Total Punk New*
Life Stinks Shadow on the Wall Shadow on the Wall Total Punk New*
Poor Girls Collision Of Thots s/t Self Released 1985