Apartment 5

baby d

whatup bros

it's yr man

baby d

back again to help you

start yr week off right.

i don't need to

tell you. 

you know what time it is.

- baby d 


Summer Vibes

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Monday 8/12/2013 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
The Orchids Avignon Searching for the Lazy Perfection Sarah
April March and Los Cincos Baby Blue April March and Los Cincos
Brilliant at Breakfast Strawberry V
Primal Scream Velocity Girl c86 Rough Trade/NME
Biff Bang Pow! If I Die The Girl Who Runs the Beat Hotel Creation
The Bedflowers My Ex-Lover's Address Garden Party Alienor
Adult Dude Bob's Discount Furniture Adult Dude EP
Wake Up Afrika Simple Words The Future Sounds of Leamington Spa
Brighter Inside Out Around the World in Eighty Days Sarah
Oblivians Little War Child Desperation In the Red
Venus Peter New World Grimsby Fishmarket 4, Norrkoeping 0
Loosestrife My Money Enough
Girl of My Best Friend Throwaway Girl Something's Burning in Paradise
Ok Vancouver Ok What's My Memory For? Food Shelter Water Kingfisher Bluez
The Ropers It's So Strange The Ropers Slumberland
This Perfect Day This Friendship of Ours Grimsby Fishmarket 4, Norrkoeping 0 Records from the Cookie Nose Tower
Hollows Strange Effect
Liminamas Kinam Baby
My Finest Hour She Fakes Apples Grimsby Fishmarket 4, Norrkoeping 0 Records from the Cookie Nose Tower
First Times I Can't Get to You
Mad Nanna My Two Kids I Made Blood Better Negative Guest List
The Melons Eskimo
Gold & Youth Tan Lines Beyond Wilderness
Ozma Shootingstars Rock and Roll Pt. 3
Joanna Gruesome Do You Really Wanna Know Why Yr Still In Love With Me?
The Beets Pick Another Corner
James Dean Driving Experience Tale of an Old Flame Dean's Eleventh Dream
Lazyroom Waiting Upon a Pillow
Surfer Blood Floating Vibes Astro Coast
Adam and the Amethysts Drinking in LA You're Related
The Rileys This Will Pass Grimsby Fishmarket 4, Norrkoeping 0
Birdie Linus Some Dusty
Daniel Lanois Death of a Train For the Beauty of Wynona
The Range of Light Wilderness Great Magic