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New R. Stevie Moore compilation "Personal Appeal" and other new stuff...


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Wednesday 7/31/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
The Earl Scruggs Revue Sally Gooding Live! From Austin City Limits Columbia 1977
Pete Seeger Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Pete Seeger Bellaphon rel in 1970/orig 1965/ For Megan
Roy Bookbinder Electric Cigarette Blues The Good Book Peg Leg Records New
Cazadero Midnight Picnic Old Friends FCR New
Dan Melchior She's A Creeper K-85 Homeless New
Summer Twins Forget Me Forget Me Burger New
Dancer Shirley In Love On The Run 7" Daggerman 2012
Bare Mutants Inside My Head The Affliction In The Red New
R. Stevie Moore Pretend For A Second That You Are Very Intelligent Personal Appeal Care In The Community New Compilation
R. Stevie Moore Forecast Personal Appeal Care In The Community
Eugene Carchesio 1-2 Concert For One Person In A Small Room Room 40 New
R. Stevie Moore Quarter Peep Show Personal Appeal Care In The Community
R. Stevie Moore Man Without A Purpose Personal Appeal Care In The Community
Heavy Times I'm Single Fix It Alone HoZac New
Running This Is A You Problem Vaguely Ethnic Castleface New
Marina Rosenfeld New York/It's all about.... P.A./Hard Love Room 40 New
Bitchin Bajas Sun City Bitchtronics Drag City New
Bitchin Bajas Turiya Bitchtronics Drag City
Ex-Cult Through The Blinds Mister Fantasy Goner New
The Weirdos Why Do You Exist? Destroy All Music Bomp orig released in 1977
Chemical Peel Born To Kill Bike Thief Ride the Snake New
The Afflicted Man Crazy 'Ead I'm Off Me 'Ead' Permanent New Re-issue/orig 1980 Human Records
Weird Paul Tom Ate A Banana Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety Homestead 1991/ For Meestah GreyGrey
The Afflicted Man For The Few I Please I'm Off Me 'Ead' Permanent
Eric Revis Harry Partch Laments The Dying Of The Moon...And Then Laughs City Of Asylum Clean Feed New