The Living Dead at Davis

KayVee & Monsterella & Doctor Captinn

Taking a break from our usual murder and mayhem, we're going to blast off on a super sonic flight!


Turn of the century death folk.

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Saturday 7/27/2013 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
The Satellite Singers The Story of the Planets Journey to the Moon Golden 1950s
Raymond Scott By Rocket to the Moon Rocket to the Moon Children's Record Guild 1950
Louis Prima Beep! Beep! Brain In A Box Rhino 1957
Skip Stanley Satellite Baby Single Spotlight 1956
Jack Fautheree First Man on Mars Rockin' In Outer Space, Vol. 2 Red Devil 1957
Sputniks and Mutniks Ray Anderson &the Home Folks Single Starday 1958
Sonny Russell 50 Megatons Single Band Box 1963
The Wild Tones Martian Band Single Madison 1958
2000 Plus The Men From Mars Season 1 Mutual 1950
Allan, Davie & the Arrows Theme From the Unknown Devil's Rumble: Davie Allan & The Arrows Anthology Sundazed 1967
The Atlantics War of the Worlds The Best Of Atlantics Music 1964
Buck Trail Knocked Out Joint on Mars Single Trail 1957
Gale Davis Rock to the Moon Rockin' In Outer Space, Vol. 2 Red Devil 1962
The Markettes Out of Limits Out of Limits! Warner 1964
Carl & Norman Shootin for the Moon Rockin' in Outer Space, Vol 1 Red Devil 1950s
Jackie Lowell & The Astronauts Rocket Trip Single Band Box 1961
Wesley Reynolds Trip to the Moon Single Rose 1955
Paul Perryman Satellite Fever Single Duke 1958
Terry Donovan Rock On Mars Greasy Rock 'N' Roll - Volume 5 Greasy 1950s
Sonny Sheather & the Stardusters Orbit With Me The Ultimate 50's Rockin' Sci-Fi Disc Viper 1950s
Butch Paulson Man From Mars Single Virgelle 1961
Nelson Young Rock Old Sputnik Single Lucky 1958
Rogers Weldon I'm Building A Xxx On the Moon Tryin' To Get To You Bear Family 1960s
Dick Robinson & the Makebelievers The Bopping Martian Single MCI 1958
Jimmy Stewart Rock On the Moon Single Eko 1959
Bill Carter & The Rovin Gamblers Baby Brother Single Black Jack 1959
Eddie Cletro & His Round Up Boys Flying Saucer Boogie Flying Saucer Boogie Bear Music 1950s
Jimmy Lloyd Rocket In My Pocket Single Roulette 1958
Sonny Day Creature From Outer Space Rockin' in Outer Space, Vol 1 Red Devil 1958
Billy Lee Riley & the Little Green Men Flying Saucers Rock N Roll The Sun Box Sun Org. 1950s
Rick McGuire Space Craze Single Atlantic 1959
Jerry Engler & the Four Ekkos Sputnik Rockin' in Outer Space, Vol 1 Red Devil 1957