Bleary-Eyed Metal Slug


 This morning, I will feature some of the minstrels of the genre called "Folk Metal" along with examples of Power Metal, Viking Metal and Pirate Metal which all have similar strains in their way of telling stories. Their won't be any "Puff the Magic Dragons" or "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" songs presented. This won't be your Daddy's Folk music, because, it won't suck.

Meta bands, submit your music for airplay to:


14 Lower Freeborn Hall

Davis, CA 95616



Metal, Hard Rock, Blues and Classic Country

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Thursday 7/25/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Tyr How Far To Asgaard How Far To Asgaard Napalm Records 2008
Falkenbach Runes Shall You Know Tiurida NAPALM 2011. I forgot to pay the exclusive royalty fees so Malefactor couldn't play this song this week! But, this song just can't be played enough!!
Moonsorrow Kivenkantaja Kivenkantaja SPIKEFARM
Eluveitie Primordial Breath slania Nuclear Blast 2008
Primordial The Puritan's Hand Redemption At The Puritan's Hand Metal Blade 2011
Galar Til Alle Heimsens Endar Til Alle Heimsens Endar Karisma 2010
Finntroll Skogens Hamnd Jaktens Tid Century Media 2001
Borknagar Traveller EPIC Century Media 2004. The more recent Folksier Borknagar. They still miss Grim.
CHTHONIC Takao Takasago Army Spinefarm 2011
Skyforger The Ancient Oak Kauja pie Saules CD-Maximum 2005
Turisas Rasputin The Varangian Way Century Media 2007. Bonus track on reissue.
Alestorm Keelhauled Black Sails At Midnight NAPALMRECORDS 2009 with a bottle of RUM and a Ho Ho Ho!
Sammy Hagar Catch The Wind Red BGO RECORDS 1977 cover of the Donovan Folk classic.
Judas Priest Diamonds And Rust '98 Live Meltdown BMG 1998 cover of the Joan Baez classic! With the RIPPER!
Mountain Masters Of War Masters Of War Big Rack Records 2007 cover of the classic Bob Dylan song!!!!
Meshiha Commence The Suffering Commence the Suffering Permeated Records What? I can't play some Death Metal. It's folk music to some!
King of Asgard Einharjar Fi'mbulvintr Metal Blade Let the Viking Metal commence!
Grand Magus Like The Oars Strike The Water Iron Will Candlelight Records One of the best albums ever!
King of Asgard Intro ...To North Metal Blade
King of Asgard The Nine Worlds Burn ...To North Metal Blade Finishing with some more Viking Metal