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Anne Halo

Bachelor Records - Independent label out of Austria:

Suicide Squeeze - Independent record label from Seattle, WA started in 1996: 

M'Lady's Records -Feminist record label run by Brett Lyman (Chain & the Gang) and Fiona Campbell (Coasting) out of Portland, OR:


artwork by Denis Marsili



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Sunday 8/04/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Elektras Say You Love Me Elektras Bachelor Records
Myelin Sheaths Laboratory Disaster Stackticon Bachelor
The Humms Don't Think About Death Lemonland Bachelor Records
The Cave Weddings Last Time Last Time Bachelor Records
Peach Kelli Pop Dreamphone Peach Kelli Pop Bachelor Records
Indian Wars If You Want Me If You Want Me Bachelor Records
The Pacifics Baby It's You Play Favourites Bachelor Records
The Powerchords More Than Me More Than Me Bachelor Records
Die Ersten Menschen One Little Girl Apocalypse Now & Then Bachelor Records
Makeouts She's A Heartbreaker Worst band Ever Bachelor Records
Bikes Dumpster Bikes Bachelor Records members of Die Ersten Menschen, Demon's Claws, Hellshovel, & Ccandy
Beat Beat Wok Wok Beat Beat Bachelor Records
Past Lives Beyond Gone Strange Symmetry Suicide Squeeze
Destruction Unit Nightfall Two Strong Hits Suicide Squeeze
The Coathangers Bury Me Scramble Suicide Squeeze
Wax Idols Schadenfreude Schadenfreude Suicide Squeeze
The Aisler's Set Languor In The Balcony How I Learned to Write Backwards Suicide Squeeze
La Luz T.V. Dream Brainwash Suicide Squeeze
Bleached Seaching Through The Past Seaching Through The Past Suicide Squeeze
White Woods Corner Town Big Talking Suicide Squeeze
Audacity Finders Keepers Finders Keepers Suicide Squeeze
Various Artists Aspera - Bird's Fly Slaying Since 1996 Suicide Squeeze
Ruby Pins A Trial Ruby Pins M'Lady's
Halo Halo Sunshine Kim Manananggal M'Lady's
Reynosa Caballeras Cariñito M'Lady's
Explode into Colors Sharpen the Knife Coffins M'Lady's
Talk Normal Lone General Lone General M'Lady's
The Golden Awesome Highlife Autumn M'Lady's
Nature Workout Workout M'Lady's
City Center Cops Don't Care Cops Don't Care M'Lady's
Coasting Pirates Cove You're Never Going back M'Ladys
Finally Punk Boyfriend Application Casual Goths M'Lady's
Finally Punk Dear Diary, Men Are Pigs Casual Goths M'Lady's
Make Up Blue Is Beautiful I Want Some M'Lady's (reissue from 1999 K Records)