Kicksville 29 BC

Tim Matranga


60's Rock/Soul/R+B/Psych

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Sunday 7/21/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Jimmie Rivers & the Cherokees Steelin' Home Brisbane Bop Mutual
Johnny Lion Haunted Heart
The Squires Aurora Reprise/NYA
Lloyd Price Chee-Koo Baby Specialty
Dean Barlow Love Is That You
Surfmen Breakers Titan originally
Mark & the Escorts Get Your Baby East Side Revue Rampart
Candy Johnson & the Exciers Two Timing Angel Bikini Beach Canjo
Leather Souls What's the Use It's a Kave-In Kustome65
1965 AMC Rambler Radio Ad
Frantics Familiar Faces & Forgoetten Dreams
Kidds Straighten Up and Fly Right Big Beat
Poison 13 My Biggest Mistake for Bill Smith
Silencers Rough Rider Motor City's Burning v2 Alive/Total Energy
Music Machine No Girl Gonna Cry Turn on the Ultimate Music Machine Big Beat
Sonic Love Affair Eyes on You Dirty Kids All American Key Party
Drive Thru Mystics Black Tears A Thousand Yrs of Oblivian Drive-Thru Mystics/The Celestions/Pre-Legendary & The Dreamers/Jem & Scout. with Local Record Vendors
Yardbirds Over Under Sideways Down Epic
SRC After Your Heart Lost Masters rec Ann Arfbor
MC5 Borderline A2 of Course BBeat
Obnox Deep in the Dusk Canabible Ohio EP Black Gladiator/Slovenly
Dream Night of the Lonely Organist and His Mysterious Pals Get Dreamy Shadoks
Scott Walker My Death Scott Fontana
Honey Ltd The Warrior The Complete LHI Sessions LHI new reissue: Light in the Attic
Mothers Worry Yesterday Where's My Mind Look
Everly Bros (with the Hollies) Fifi the Flea Two Yanks in England Warner
Instant Orange Seems Like Everything Instant Orange R: Shadoks
BJ Baker Anywhere Decca from the 60s TV Show Ironside
Search Party The News is You Montgomery Chapel Lion RE of rare 60s local Xian psych
Evol Day of Sorrow Evol R: Gearfab late 60s/early 70s W.VA
Michael Oosten Garden Michael Oosten Lion Hub City, Chicago private press folk
The Sixth Station Scar of Love Deep Night Numero Group
The Science of Mysticism Rosicruscian Recording
White Noise and Wolfgang Dauner