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Thursday 7/18/2013 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Tony Schwartz Religion New York 19 Folkways Records
Trent Harris The Beaver Trilogy clip from Part 1
Oral History Interview with Vito Acconci Smithsonian Institute Oral History Archives Sculptor, Video artist, Designer, Performance artist, Installation artist, Architect, b. 1940
Oral History Interview with Clinton Adams Smithsonian Institute Oral History Archives Painter, Arts administrator, Printmaker, b. 1918
Studs Terkel Interview with the Children of People Who Went Through the Depression Hard Times Interviews
Studs Terkel Interview with Jimmy Sheridan Hard Times Interviews A veteran, 1971
Studs Terkel Interview with Edgar Yipsel Hard Times Interview Edgar Harburg, songwriter, "Brother Can You Spare Me a Dime"
Sir Richard Bishop Cross My Palm with Silver Polytheistic Fragements Drag City
Sun City Girls Space Prophet Dogon Torch of the Mystics Majora
Carol Kim Boi Buon Con Doi (The Sadness of Being a Girl) Saigon Rock and Soul Sublime Frequencies
Bang Chan Nhurng Dom Mat Hoa Chau (Fireballs) Saigon Rock and Soul Sublime Frequencies
CBC Band Tinh Yeu Tuyet Voi (The Greatest Love) Saigon Rock and Soul Sublime Frequencies
Thomas Mapfumo & The Acid Band Hokoyo! Hokoyo! Water From Zimbabwe, 1978
Group Doueh Eid for Dahkla Guitar Music from the Western Sahara Sublime Frequencies First vinyl release on Sublime Frequencies
STSI Tabuh Pat Semarandana Balinese Gamelan Gong Gede Vol. 2
Fela Kuti Lady The Best of the Black President Universal Music