The Chicken Years

Mr. Mick Mucus

DJ Rick & Fuzzbox Flynn subbing the Chicken Years tonight


Barf Core, Sock Metal, Food Trance

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MP3 Stream 320kbps, broadband

Tuesday 7/16/2013 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
Devo Fountain of Filth Hardcore Volume 2 Booji Boy/Superior Viaduct 2013; orig.
Asphalt Jungle Asphalt Jungle 7-inch Cobra 1977
Too Much Silex Pistols Je Suis Punk Compilation 2013; orig. 1977
Fancy Rosy Punk Police Je Suis Punk Compilation 2013; orig. 1978
Control Group 96 Tears New Clothes 7-inch 1979-ish
Point Line Plane Open Your Mindlight s/t Xeroid 2003
Dan Melchior Air Nippon K-85 Homeless 2013
Sleep Chamber Dream Distillate The Oblique Collection ...Compilation Triple-X 1984
Data Bank-A Spiritussanctus Drastic Perversions Compilation Triple-X 1984
Eric Random and the Bedlamites Father Can't Yell Time-Splice Doublevision 1982
Stephen Mallinder Cool Down Pow-Wow Plus Fetish 1982
Das Ding Kindheitsmuster H.S.T.A. Minimal Wave 2009; orig. 1982
Noise Unit Alle Gegen Alles Strategy of Violence Cleopatra 1994
Hypnotischer Existenzialismus Evolution and the End Gerechtigkeits Liga Thermidor 1985
The Bring Downzz Highway to Hell Listen to Our Minds! Stomach Ache
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 2x4s Lovelyville Matador 1991
Big Black Cloud Human Host Black Friday Eolian 2013
Family Curse No Return Twilight Language Doormat 2013
Mordecai New Eyes College Rock Richie/TestosterTunes 2013
Counter Intuits Non-Essential Personnel Counter Intuits Pyramid Scheme Records 2013
Bassholes Paranoia Paradise Boogieman Stew Columbus Discount 2013
Bassholes Supersonic Blues Boogieman Stew Columbus Discount 2013
Oblivians Woke Up in a Police Car Desperation In The Red 2013
The Sleaze Tecktonik Girlz Tecktonik Girlz & Other Hits Total Punk 2013
Anal Babes 24 10-inch Incognito 1998
Boulder Fall From Graves Ravage and Savage Tee Pee 2000
Long Knife Artificial Heart Recall Wilderness 2013
Long Knife Last Wave Wilderness 2013
Rancid Vat Destroy Nature Justice, This Is What We Do to Traitors Horton/Reflex 1988
Karp Lorch-Miller Suplex K 1995