The Living Dead at Davis

KayVee & Monsterella & Doctor Captinn

A Haunting We Will Go...


Turn of the century death folk.

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Saturday 7/13/2013 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Violent Femmes Country Death Song Hallowed Ground Slash 1984
Nick Cave Up Jumped the Devil Tender Prey Mute 1988
Elm Street Group Don't Sleep Freddy's Greatest Hits RIC 1987
Boots Walker They're Here Dr. Demento's Hits From Outer Space Laugh 1967
The Ventures Theme from The Bat The Ventures in Space Dolton 1964
Marty Manning and His Orchestra Night on Bald Mountain The Twilight Zone - A Sound Adventure In Space Columbia 1961
The Mummies The Fly Play Their Own Records Estute 1992
Hasil Atkins We Got A date Out to Hunch Norton 1986
Boris Karloff Ha Ha Ha - The Bride Of Frankenstein An Evening with Boris Karloff & Friends Decs 1967
The Shadows of Knight Bad Little Woman Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968 Elektra 1972
Terry Teene Curse Of The Hearse Single Iowa 1962
Pat Boone Clinkerated Chimes Single Unreleased 1959
Spooks The Spook Walks Vampires, Cowboys, Spacemen & Spooks - The Very Best Of Joe Meek's Instrumentals Castle 1960s
Haunted George Weeks In A Casket The Astounding Freak Party RIGOLBOCH 1960s
The Tiki Tones The Ghost And Mr. Chicken Mondo Drive-In Blood Red 1997
Mad Jack & The Hatters Frankenstein Baby Single Self-Release 2010
Revels Dead Man's Stroll Single Norgolde 1959
Count Baltes & The Egors Opening The Coffin Single Raven 1973
Griz Green Jam At The Mortuary Single Blue River 1960s
The Vampires of Dartmoore Ende eines Killers Dracula's Music Cabinet Metronome 1969
Brain Eaters Trailer 1958
Roger & the Gypsies Pass the Hatchet Part 1 Las Vegas Grind Part Two Las Vegas Grind 1969
Jack And Jim Midnight Monsters Hop Single RCS 1959
The Playboys Whatizit? Las Vegas Grind Part Two Las Vegas Grind 1958
Bill Buchanan Beware Parade of the Damned WFMU 1962
Screaming Lord Sutch Murder In The Graveyard Murder in the Graveyard Fury 1992
Chris Kevin Haunted House Single Colt 1959
Al Zanino The Vampire Speaks Sound of Darkness Al Stan 1957
Moontrekkers Night Of The Vampire It's Hard To Believe It The Amazing World Of Joe Meek Razor & Tie 1961
Gary "Spider" Webb The Cave (Part One) The Cave Bamboo 1961
Gary "Spider" Webb The Cave (Part 2) The Cave Bamboo 1961
Guitar Wolf Planet of the Wolves Planet of the Wolves Matador Records 1997
Lumberjack School Of Death The Astounding Freak Party RIGOLBOCH 1960s
Link Wray Rumble The Link Ray Rumble Polydor 1958
Kneejerk Reactions Things Are Turnin' Ugly Dance With the Vampire RIGOLBOCH 2010
The Fall I'm A Mummy Levitate Artful 1997
The Birthday Party Release The Bats Single 4AD 1981
Los Babys Jinetes En El Cielo 16 Exitos Discos Peerless 1960s
Satan's Pilgrims Ghoulash Creature Feature Estrus Records 1998
The Lively Ghouls Halloween Spook Sounds Loud & Wild Bellaire 1950s