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The Defenestrator

This week, I have chosen to feature only metal from the North State! Tune in, you might hear someone you know!


Prog. Rock/Metal, Ambient/Electronic, Classical

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Wednesday 7/10/2013 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Fallujah Assemblage of Wolves The Harvest Wombs Unique Leader
Bispora The Expedition The Pineal Chronicles Phase 1 - Furtherance N/A Brand New Release!
Bispora Where Ocean Meets Land The Pineal Chronicles Phase 1 - Furtherance N/A
Sea in the Sky Future Babez Sea in the Sky N/A Sacramento Instumental Metal
Sea in the Sky Dingis Sea in the Sky N/A
West of Sunset Visions N/A N/A Broken Up = (
Journal A Remarkable Abomination Unlorja N/A Sacramento Mathy Metalcore
Taunis Year One Preservation N/A N/A Chico Awesomeness
Io Torus Premonition N/A N/A Better Recording Quality Coming Soon!
(waning) Marching Down Broken Path N/A Live in Studio A Album Available for Free Streaming on their Bandcamp page
Beautiful Decay Fall N/A N/A Redwood City Metal. Soon to be called "How the Beautiful Decay" due to legal reasons.
Ariabes Fear the Siege Fear the Siege N/A
Conducting From the Grave Her Poisoned Tongues Revenants Sumerian Sacramento Metalcore
The Kennedy Veil Disciples of Dead Aeons Unique Leader Sacramento Brutal Death
The Kennedy Veil Genesis Lamentations Unique Leader
Sorin The Milk N/A N/A Chico Metal
Silvara The Lost Muses The Path To Ruin Repressed Possibly Davis? Metal
(waning) In the River Broken Path N/A
Liege Omnipotencia A Compulsory Request N/A Redding, CA awesomeness
Soma Ras Novus Ordo Seclorum Soma Ras EP Self Released
Memento Mori Dreamers Self Released Woodland, CA Prog. Metal
Memento Mori The Future Thinker Self Released