Sub Zero


Goat-Man Takes over today for TJ.

We'll stay true to the planned theme with a surf-tacular

set filled with over 50 surf and garage rock jams!


Surf, Indie, Garage, Pyschadelic, Blues, Sometimes Eclectic

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Monday 7/08/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Jody Reynolds Black Tarantula 1959
The Sandells Trailing 1964
The Satans Surf Rat 1963
The Surf Teens Moment of Truth Surf Mania 1963
Jerry Cole and His Spacemen Midnight Surfer 1963
Morgus and the Daringers Morgus Creep
The Shades Splashin' Scottie Records 1959
The Royaltones Seesaw 1959; Detroit
The Vampires Claptrap 1959
The Noblemen Thunder Wagon Top Rank International 1959
The Gamblers LSD 25 1961
The Revels Church Key 1960
The Astronauts Baja 1963
Digger Revel's Denvermen Surfside 1962
The Vice-Roys Buzz-Bomb 1963
The Atlantics Bombora 1963; Sydney, Australia
Dick Dale Mr. Eliminator 1964
The Atlantics The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 2002
The Centurions Intoxica Surfers' Pajama Party Recorded Live On The U.C.L.A. Campus 1963
The Hustlers Inertia! Strange And Sleazy Instrumental Sounds From The Socal Suburbs 1964
Takeshi Terauchi & his Blue Jeans Pipeline 1960
The Sunlights Surf Beat 1964; from France
The S'quires Green Surf 1965; Alberta, Canada
The Sounds Manchurian Beat 1963
Les Jaguars Tourbillion 1965; Quebec
Yetti-Men High Himalayas 1965; Recorded in a High School gym!
Wout Steenhuis Harbour Lights Hawaiian Surf Ride 1965; "Surf-Lounge" Music
The Quests Pop-Inn Theme 1965; SIngapore?
The Immortals Lifeguards Sons of Southern Sunshine 1961
The Fantastic Baggys Ride the WIld Surf 1966; South Africa
Gary "Spider" Webb Drum City 1963
Lincoln Trio The Garden of Eden 1960
Dave "Baby" Cortez Hurricane 1960
The Champs 20,000 Leagues 1959
The Golden Highlights Vodka 1959
Jimmy Gordon Buzz
The Moontrekkers Hatashiai
Gangnam Style (Surf Cover) Surprisingly Good!
The Pipelines Pavane 1962