Apartment 5

baby d

whatup world

it's yr man baby d

back again

to help you build

some monday morning momentum

as i am

you know

wont to do

on a monday morning. 

let's do this thing together people.

- baby d 



Summer Vibes

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Monday 7/08/2013 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Teenagers From Outer Space Summer in Space Teenagers From Outer Space
Crimson Mints Makes Me Want To Positively Teenage
Dara Puspita Believe Me 1966-1968
Connections Finally Private Airplane
Whispers Remember Me Treasure Chest of Northern Soul
Michael Hurley Grand Canyon Line Armchair Boogie
Days Downhill Downhill EP
Animal Collective Morning Routine (Phaseone Remix)
September Girls Hells Bells Wanting More EP
David Ruffin Common Man David Ruffin
The Clean Getting Older Anthology
The Bumpers Play Cold
Yuck Georgia Yuck
LTD You Must Be Dreaming
Alex Chilton Girl After Girl
The Antlers I Don't Want Love Burst Apart
Night Flowers Single Beds Single Beds
Golden Grrrrls Past Tense
Games Put Down That Gun
Epitome of Sound You Don't Love Me
Traffic Smiling Phases
Sea Lions You Forever
Lisa Bouvier Every Year Until We Die
R. Kelly Love Letter Love Letter
The Bats Block of Wood
Big Dipper Meet the Witch
Moped Vague Family Album Shy Boy
Dando Shaft Coming Home to Me
Beach Vacation I Saw You I Saw You
Sparks Slowboat
Molasses Nervous
Sakert! Dancing, Though
Chad VanGaalen Chronograph #1
Mount Analog feat. Karl Blau That's How I Got to Memphis That's How I Got to Memphis
Paul Simon Late in the Evening One Trick Pony