Metal Miscellaneous

The Defenestrator


Prog. Rock/Metal, Ambient/Electronic, Classical

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Wednesday 7/03/2013 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Winterfylleth A Thousand Winters The Threnody of Triumph
Judas Priest The Hellion Metal Works
Skeletonwitch Fire From the Sky Beyond the Permafrost Prosthetic
Mercyful Fate Come to the Sabbath Don't Break the Oath
Gregorio Allegri Miserere Mei Deus N/A
Summoning Long Lost to Where No Pathway Goes Stronghold Napalm
Samael Born Under Saturn Passage Century Media
Enslaved Born Under Saturn Below the Lights The End
Hildegard von Bingen In Principio Omnes
Diamonda Galas Litanies of Satan N/A
Wolves in the Throne Room Queen of the Borrowed Light Diadem of Twelve Stars
Carpathian Forest Eclipse/The Raven Through Chasms, Caves, and Titan Woods
Agalloch Limbs Ashes Against the Grain The End
Guillame de Machaut Messe de Notre Dame: Gloria Ensemble Organum:
Galar Van Til Alle Heimsense Endar Karisma Records
Opeth To Bid You Farewell Morningrise Candlelight