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pop tunes with clementine

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Tuesday 6/25/2013 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Even As We Speak Nothing Ever Happens 7" Sarah
Jupiter Sun Blow Up S/T I Wish I Was A Slumberland Record
Meat Whiplash Don't Slip Up 7" Creation
Canteloupe Syndrome Apple Pie 7" A Swing Set
Another Sunny Day Anorak City London Weekend Sarah
Veronica Lake Thernody 7" Audrey's Diary
The Aisler Set Been Hiding The Last Match Slumberland
Lorelei Sometimes... 7" Slumberland
The Hit Parade You Didn't Love Me Then 7" JSH
Glo-Worm Stars Above Why Popstars Can't Dance Slumberland
Close Lobsters Just Too Bloody Stupid Foxheads Stalk This Land Engima
Wedding Present Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft George Best Reception
The June Brides Josef's Gone No Place Called Home In Tape
Razorcuts I'll Still Be There Storyteller Creation
The Field Mice Sensitive Temple Cloud Sarah
The Pooh Sticks On Tape 7" Fierce
Another Sunny Day You Should All Be Murdered Temple Cloud Sarah
Even As We Speak Bizarre Love Triangle Nothing Ever Happens 7" Sarah
The Servants The Sun A Small Star The Sun, A Small Star Head
Puddle Spaceship #9 Into The Moon Festival
Beanpole Never Again Split With Holiday Flyer Papercut
Rocketship Your New Boyfriend Rocketship Slumberland
The Flatmates Trust Me Potpourri: Hits, Mixes, and Demos '85-'89 Cherry Red