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Monday 6/24/2013 @ 1:00PM - 4:30PM
Tropa Macaca Canos Serrados / Semba De Fevereiro Sensacao do Principio Siltbreeze
Digital Natives/Seziki Tetrasheaf Digital Natives Digital Natives/Seziki Tetrasheaf Rotifer Cassettes
DJ Koze NooOoo Amygdala Pampa Records
Saguache Palmer Script Terrain Constellation Tatsu
Oneida A List Of The Burning Mountains A List of the Burning Mountains Jagjaguwar/Brah
Sky Thing Earth Cooler Heads Previal Eggy Records
Space Machine C 3 Tiliqua
Celer An Unforced Cheerfulness / Involuntary Impromptu Lightness and Irresponsibility Constellation Tatsu
Barn Owl The Opulent Decline V Thrill Jockey
Sonogram The Closer You Come, The Farther You Are How We Saw Tomorrow Simulacra Records
Hakobune Letter Forgotten The Cowboy Across the River Constellation Tatsu
Bloodfire Posse Untitled Are You Ready? Synergy Music