Lost Girls!

Nats & Miss Dot

Even Brittany's sad D:


Say bye bye for now, LAST SHOW!!!

Nats and Dot out - for now.



Rock and Roll and Stuff

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Wednesday 6/19/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Pressed And Boo Stone Candles Mush
Carolee Rainout EP 1 12XU
Star Anthem Hang 'em High Selector Dub Narcotic Comp. K
My Bloody Valentine If I Am Mbv Self Released for big T much luv
Dead Ghosts I Sleep Alone I Sleep Alone b/w Spot A Trend Randy
Eat Skull I Licked the Spider Sick To Death Siltbreeze
Woolen Men Land of Laughs Dog Years Dogs Table
Sic Alps Biz Bag She's On Top EP Drag City
RD Mauzy Radiant Oppols Ond Bononos Big Spoon Records
The Mantles More That I Pay Long Enough To Leave Slumberland
Love Positions Shivers billiepeebup Half A Cow Records
The Eastern Dark I Don't need the Reasons Long Live the New Flesh!! What Goes On
Estrogen Highs It Has To Rhyme Irrelevant Future Trouble in Mind
V/A Gang 90 - jack kerouac Sexual Life Of The Savages: Underground Post-Punk From Sao Paulo, Brasil Soul Jazz
Kim Wilde Chequered Love Kim Wilde EMI
Chrome Chromosome Damage Alien Soundtracks Siren
Matt Grimm At The Hot Club Backstreet Boy Disposable Records
Fingerprints Smiles For Sale Fingerprints Twin Tone
The Replacements Raised In The City Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take The Trash Out Twin Tone
The Masonics Upside Down The Earl of Hell Super Electro Sound Recordings
Plasticland Sections Pop! Op Drops Scadillac
Ramones Chainsaw It's Alive! Sire
Tony Carey Peking Duck Explorer And Yellow Power Medical
X Ray Pop Contakt The Dream Machine Dark Entries 1984 Demo
The Work Pop Slow Crimes Woof
Stickmen Duraflame Dog I'd Rather be in Philadelphia Compilation Album Burn Potential Records
Jeri Rossi I Left my Heart and I Don't Know Where Local Anesthetic Comp. Smooch
Executive Slacks Sexual Witchcraft I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia Compilation Album Burn Potential Records
Pylon Cool Cool b/w Dub DB Recs
Gang of Four Cheeseburger Solid Gold WB
Axemen The Yeasty Mayor Three Virgins Siltbreeze
The Groovie Ghoulies Blood Beach Flying Saucer Crimson Corpse Records
Toy Love Swimming Pool Toy Love Flying Nun