Dancing With the Stars

Carrie Ann Cosmos


Jove Jive

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Thursday 6/13/2013 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Louis & Bebe Barron Main Theme - Overture Forbidden Planet: Soundtrack Small Planet Records 1956
X Minus One Mars Is Heaven Season 1 NBC 1955
Bernard Hermann The Day the Earth Stood Still
B 52s Planet Claire
Perrey & Kingsley Cosmic Ballad The In Sound from Way Out
Russ Garcia Nova (Exploding Star)
Rocket to the Moon Rocket To the Moon Golden 1960s
The Satellite Singers 50 round trips Journey to the Moon and More About Outer Space Golden 1957
Les Baxter Saturday Nights On Saturn
Mr. I Magination Space Ship to Mars Golden
Ran Dells Martian Hop Single Chairman 1963
Buck Trail Knocked Out Joint On Mars Single Trail 1958
Skip Stanley Satellite Baby Single Capitol 1957
The Citations Moon Race Single Sara 1963
The Satellite Singers M - Mars & Mercury Space alphabet Golden 1950s
Mind Webs A Walk In the Dark Season 1 WHA 1976
Man From Mars
For All We Know (Remix)
Annette Funicello The Crazy Place From Outer Space
Bob & Jerry Ghost Satellite
Stacy Bengal I Come to Demolish Cleveland
Raymond Scott By Rocket to the Moon