Revenge of the Handlebar Moustache

Calamity Janie

My dad was talking about owning a corn-on-the-cob pushcart when he retires and painting something creative on the side.  I think it should be a bean with a sombrero.


Rock, Indie, Punk

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Thursday 6/13/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Bobby Volare Where Did My Skin Go In Hot Water Hot Town Records NEW LP 33 my new anthem for Summer, feat KKDJ Dean Opperman
The Lovetones A Place For Us Meditations Tee Pee mellow
Megafaun Carolina Days Heretofore Hometapes upbeat rock
The Finders Which Way Finders Keepers Cheap Rewards NEW LP A3 power pop, fka The Druids, The Rockers
Mystery Date Dreaming in Black & White Dreaming In Black & White Three Dimensional NEW single 45 A1 rock, play after powerpop song
Peak Twins Steppin' Off Steppin' Off Bedroom Suck NEW single 45 rock
Counter Intuits TIme Was Update Counter Intuits Pyramid Scheme Records NEW LP A1 rock
The Love Me Nots The End of the Line The Demon and the Devotee atomic a go go rock
Spray Paint Lap Swimming Spray Paint SS Records NEW LP 33 B3 long, moody
Kitchen + The Plastic Spoons In Bars Screams To God Dark Entries NEW LP 33 A1 electro post punk from Sweden
Numbers Driving Song Numbers Tigerbeat 6 rock, electro
Idiot Stare Cash Out Blinded Bodybag Productions industrial
Storm Orphans Allegiance Storm Orphans Low Rumble metally rock
Destruction Unit Blame Void Jolly Dream NEW LP A2 hard rock, moody, members of Reatards
The Stab Never Going Home Dirt Homeless NEW LP 33 A2 hard rock
Bishops Don't Tell Us Farewell to Reason Grinder punk midtempo
Big Paulus Sacramento (a wonderful town) Big Paulus Bask punk, A band from Amsterdam that sings about Sacramento
Complaints Cheap Reward Wanna Be Bored Self Released NEW single 45 B2 punk
Happy Times Chiko Roll Gross Registrable Tonnage Swashbuckling Hobo Records NEW single A2 punk
Paint Fumes Ghost Highway Sally Smoked Dope EP Slovenly NEW single 45 punk, cover art has a lovely picture of someone tossing his cookies.
Snowmen Dirt Bike Rider Last Days of the Central Freeway Devil in the Woods pop punk indie
Livids Your House or the Courthouse Your House or the Courthouse Slovenly NEW single 45 A1 punk
Housewives Who Am I? Housewives R.I.P. Society NEW single 45 A2 punk
Human Eye Buzzin' Flies 4: Into Unknown Goner Records NEW punk
Sector Zero HIding in My Car Guitar Attack b/w Hiding In My Car Goner NEW single 45 punk
The Hussy Way With Words Way With Words 7" Black Gladiator NEW single 45 A1 punk
Komodina 3 M'apesei H Bpoma Komodina 3 Slovenly NEW LP 45 A4 punk rock from Greece
Feelings Appliance Fun With Mantras Urinal Cake NEW single 45 B last punk
The Rippers Just For Ten Dollars Better The Devil You Know Slovenly NEW LP A4 bluesy punk
The Tears Can't Sleep s/t Trick Knee Productions garage punk
Red Tyger Church Spells Against Squares Free Energy Alive garage rock
The Strangemen Elvis Inside Of Me Channel 2000 Omnipotent bluesy garage surf
Tayles Black Widow Spider whoarethesesguys? Gear Fab garage rock
Ray, Harold Dance All Night Live in concert Alternative Tentacles Harold Ray Live In Concert is actual band name
Isaac Rother & The Phantoms I've Got a Feeling I've Got A Feeling 7" Resurrection Records NEW single 45 A1 garagey rock