Cargo Shorts and Crew Cuts

h.g. & Trotsky & Phil

AFter ten years of DJing at KDVS, Trotsky takes over the entire two hours of Cargo Shorts and Crew Cuts with his final show. 



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Monday 6/10/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Boys Terminal Love To Hell With the Boy Safari
V/A Madelynn Von Ritz- When I Close My Eyes I See Blood Cruising Lorimar
Dwight Twilley Looking For the Magic Twilley Don't Mind Arista
the Outlets Tilted Track Whole New World Restless
Painted Saints Violence Breeds Violence Kampai! Incas
the Alarm Across the Border Self-Tilted I.R.S.
091 Fuego en Mi Oficina Self-Titled D.R.O.
Monsula Razors Structure Lookout!
Ministry Revenge With Sympathy Arista
Iron Curtain Shadow Shadow/the Burning Zarlon
Front 242 Headhunter Headhunter/Welcome 2 Paradise Wax Trax!
Sewer Screw Subanimal Self-Titled Moist Dripping
a;GRUMH... M.D.A. Bloody side Play it Again Sam
V/A the Dull- I Hate the Motorcyclist Barricaded Suspects Toxic Shock
V/A Look Back in Anger- Grey Sky Backlash! Criminal Damage
To Damascus Slam Den Succumb Ringent
Maaseudun Tulevaisuus Joki Periferia Hiljaiset Levyt
Omega Tribe What the Hell No Love Lost Xntrix
XMen While I'm Young Satisfaction Guaranteed Self-Released
Naked Raygun Treason Understand? Caroline
the Bizarros Quiana Girls Self-Titled Mercury
Sewer Trout Coors For Contras Self-Titled Lookout!
Surface Music I am a Janitor I am a Janitor Redrose
Neutrinoz Pills Danger Contains Neutrinoz Secret
Crimpshrine Butterflies Butterflies Lookout
Xmas Eve Paint it Red Self-Titled V.X.E.
No Trend Killing Me When Death Won't Solve Your Problem Widowspeak
Power of the Spoken Word the Wheel of Law the Language of a Dying Breed Sacrificial
Flag of Democracy House Made for Mannequins Shatter Your Day Buy Our Records
B.G.K. Isolatiefolter Jonestown, Aloha! Vogelspin
Neurosis Self-Doubt Aberration EP Lookout!
V/A Stikky- Don't Lick My Leg the Thing That Ate Floyd Lookout!
Token Entry Jaybird Jaybird Hawker
Leatherface Not Superstitious Mush Seed
the Records Starry Eyes Self-Titled Virgin
the Bananas Feel Better Forbidden Fruit Plan-it-X