A Walk In The Woods


Here we are once again in the woods, vibes are good.


Join me for a walk through the audioscapes today, I'll treat you well. 


beat, electronic, hip hop, soul, funk, jazz, glitch

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Thursday 6/06/2013 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Jenova 7 The Honesty Test The Sounds of Sector 7 Self Release 2012
Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician Adhara Hundred Eight Stars Libyus Music 2007
Vanilla Travels For What It's Worth http://vanillabeats.bandcamp.com/album/for-what-its-worth 2013
Flako Humming The Mesektet Project Mooncircle 2011
Madlib Six Variations of In the Rain Bunky's Pick/Six Variations of In the Rain Stones Throw 2001
Al Dobson Jr. and Creole+ Yakuza Hustle (+) Japan Project One Handed Music; http://onehandedmusic.bandcamp.com/album/japan-project 2013
FloFilz Fadenschein Duplex Radio Juicy 2013
Dpat Atlas Blurry http://dpat.bandcamp.com/ 2011
Cut Chemist A Peak In Time The Audience's Listening A Stable Sound 2006
Gramatik So Much For Love Beatz & Pieces Vol. 1 Pretty Lights Music 2011
Dr. Quandry Secret Recipie Freestyle Foundue! http://quandary.bandcamp.com/album/freestyle-fondue 2006
De La Soul Feel Good Inc. Fela Soul
Venice Dawn Two Hearts Combine Something About April Wax Poetics 2011
The Gaslamp Killer Nissim (Feat Amir Yaghmai) Breakthrough Brainfeeder 2012
Freddie Joachim Chance Midway Mellow Orange Music 2011
Kero One Musical Journey Windmills of The Soul P-Vine 2005
Ta Ku Night 11 25 Nights For Nujabes 2013
Little Dragon After The Rain Little Dragon Peacefrog Records 2007
Emancipator Merlion Dusk Til Dawn Loci records 2013
Shigeto R. Life (Feat Brandon Mitchell and Carlor Garcia) 2013
Knxwledge Hayrow Ovrstnd.LP http://gloof.bandcamp.com/album/ovrstnd-lp 2012
Bibio You Silver Wilkinson Warp 2013
Moods Stimulus Another Piont Of View EP Fremdstunes June 24th
GB Love is The End Soundtrack For Sunrise Sound In Color 2004
Blue Hawaii Sierra Lift Untogether Arbutus 2013
Baths Ossuary Obsidian Anticon 2013
BEAR//FACE with Paper Tigers Cereal Sauce Beat_Tape http://helloyesthisisbearface.bandcamp.com/album/beat-tape 2012
Battles Prismism Mirrored Warp 2007
Gold Panda Back Home Companion Ghostly 2010
The Sound Providers The Field Looking Backwards: 2001-1998 ABB Records 2005
GENUIS Polyxt .//WAV