Settin' the Woods On Fire



Country, Folk

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Friday 5/31/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Bob Merill Swimming Suit Roulette
Bobby Barnett Working Man Sims
Arly Nelson Banjo Nola 7" Sound Recording Company
Jimmy Seals Grounded
Dave Kennedy and the Ambassadors You Didn't Listen 7" Cuca
Bob Ehert Goodbye Mr. Blues Hamilton
Lonnie Walker I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell 7" Cuca
George Main Can You Face Yourself Walker
Little Butch Coming On Strong Coming On Strong
Otis Williams and the Midnight Cowboys Do It To Someone You Love I Wanna Go Country Stop
Johnny Rion You're The One For Me 7"
Gene Jones That's How We Belong 7" Jones
Jackie Underwood There'll Never Be Another 7"
Jan Howard I've Got The Fever Bad Seed Decca
Johhny Western Ruby 7" Hep
Perry Jones and the Cannonball Express Warm As The Summer Sun 7' Bonnie
Ron Schmeck Easy Living The American Way Valley
Doc Holiday Hello Nothing 7" Cascade
The Willis Brother Truck Stop Cutie Travelin' and Truck Driver Hits
Ed Cassidy Demonstrate 7" K-Ark
Dottie Lou Little Arrows One More Memory Oxboro
Kenny Owens The Big Ole Moon 7" Ork
Joan Bon and the Croquettes Not From My WOrld 7" MTA
Leroy Pullins Swimming At The Pool
Jeannie C. Riley The Artist Things Go Better With Love Plantation
George Kent Hey Baby 7" Roulette
Kalen Kane While I Was Stepping Out 7" KAstel
Bob Jennings The First Step Down Sims
Rhett Grant Don't Forget This Song KCS
Dorven "Arky" Bride 10 Years 7" Harlan
Tony Treece Mr. Bartender(I'm Living Again) 7" Fabor
Rusty Dunn Production LIne 7" Northland
Gary Williams Wandering Star 7" Connie Sue
Ray Pridie Lonesome Broken Hearted ME 7" C.A.R.
Boby Lee You've Got A Woman
Jack Reno I Want One I Want One Dot
Bobby Hodge Alligator Man 7" Golden Ring
Johnny Maudlin Solid Trouble 7" Franz Schubert Music
Rod Bain Here I Am Holding Trouble Again 7" Chart
Dessie Faulkner City Life 7" D
Fancis Lanier I Wish I Could See You Again Country Picnic
Graham & Wilson Your Heart Of Stone 7" Lynn
Odice Jewell The Treasures We Wanted 7" Trail
Ralph Bush Troubles