Unspeakable Cults


The folly of industries and governments has enabled the emergence of an increasingly catastrophic cycle of faceless violence and increasing privation. From agriculture to mining to the tar sands, each step has augmented the assault on the cradle of life.  When humanity has exhausted all available resources, the last vital essences of the last scraps of organic matter on a blasted planet, the Malefactor's ultimate design will be complete.


Behold the Malefactor's unholy presence here


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Metal, Ambient, Spoken Word

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Tuesday 5/21/2013 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
Iniquity Serenadium Serenadium Diehard Playing their official reunion show this weekend at MDF.
Savatage Beyond The Doors of the Dark Hall of the Mountain King Atlantic The 1987 classic!
Negator Revelation 9:11 Gates To The Pantheon Prosthetic Courtesy of the Polluter, a brand new release.
Unfathomable Ruination Consequential Failure Misshapen Congenital Entropy Sevared Late 2012 release.
Liege Lord Fear Itself Master Control Metal Blade 1988 classic!
Sentenced Beyond The Wall of Sleep North From Here Century Celebrating its twentieth anniversary, one of the masterpieces of '90s death metal.
Larry David The Seinfeld Reunion Grind Your Enthusiasm The Nutzz Try the lobster!
Apocryphon/Fabricant Impotent Creed Split Horror Pain Gore Death Brand new split from two killer Bay Area bands.
Iron Savior Protector Condition Red Noise
Septycal Gorge Aprioristic Discharge Erase The Insignificant Permeated Records
Disgorge Revealed In Obscurity Parallels of Infinite Torture Crash
Torture Chamber Defiling The Throne Into The Void Self Released Brand new demo from this one-man Bay Area band.
Running Wild Pile of Skulls Pile of Skulls
Defeated Sanity Verses of Deformity Passages Into Deformity Willowtip 2013.
Thorr's Hammer Troll Dommedagsnatt
Agent Steel Bleed For The Godz Skeptics Apocalypse Combat 1985 classic.
Meliah Rage Enter The Darkness Kill To Survive Epic
Infernal War Incipit Chaos Infernal War/Kriegsmaschine split Malignant Voices
Saxon Battalions of Steel Into The Labyrinth SPV
Kataklysm Shrine of Life The Mystical Gate of Reincarnation 1993 classic.
Oppressor Upon The Uncreation Elements of Corrosion Olympic Thanks for the request!
Infernal Dominion Toward Infernal Dominion Salvation Through Infinite Suffering TXDM Headlining day two of Las Vegas Death Fest, their official reunion showing.
Human Parasite Proud To Build The Insidious Catastrophe Proud To Build The Insidious Catastrophe Soulflesh Collector Records
Inveracity Blood of Impurity Circle of Perversion Unmatched Brutality
Internal Suffering Colossal Vortex [Phenomenal Spectrum] Chaotic Matrix Displeased
Disentomb Impaled Upon The Throne Sunken Chambers of Nephilim Amputated Vein Records Next album due out later this year or early next through New Standard Elite.
Katharsis So Nail The Hearts Fourth Reich Norma Evangelium Diaboli ...he turneth sense to madnesse / he nayleth the hearts...