The Mic is the Message

MC Luhan

Tribute to Fake Four & Hellfyre Club

2 labels on the cutting edge of hip-hop. 



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Thursday 5/30/2013 @ 12:00AM - 1:30AM
Ceschi Bad Jokes The One Man Band Broke Up Fake Four, Inc.
One Record Factor Chandelier Fake Four, Inc.
Myka 9 & Factor Zo Oh Owe Ning Sovereign Soul Fake Four, Inc.
Open Mike Eagle Starz 4NML HSPTL Fake Four, Inc.
Sole & The Skyrider Band feat. Alexandrah Infanticide The Challenger EP Fake Four, Inc.
Sadistik feat. Ceschi A Long Winter Flowers for My Father Fake Four, Inc.
Onry Ozzborn feat. Experience Limbo Thus Purgatory Hold On for Dear Life Fake Four, Inc.
Blue Sky Black Death Sleeping Children Are Still Flying Noir Fake Four, Inc.
Flash Bang Grenada Aphrodite 10 Haters Hellfyre Club
Milo Sweet Chin Music Things That Happen At Day // Things That Happen At Night Hellfyre Club
Bomb Zombies Over the Edge Sincerely Yours Hellfyre Club
Rheteric Ramirez Dear Diary Dear Diary Hellfyre Club
Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal feat. Abstract Rude & Shing02 Outer Rings The Kleenrz Hellfyre Club
Taurus Scott All Get Down Taurus Scott Hellfyre Club
E. Super Embedded In Me Side A Hellfyre Club
Busdriver Here's To Us Beaus$Eros Fake Four, Inc.
Dark Time Sunshine feat. Child Actor Forget Me Not Anx Fake Four, Inc.
Awol One & Factor feat. Myka 9 & Aesop Rock Stand Up Owl Hours Fake Four, Inc.
Sister Crayon Headline Cynic - EP Fake Four, Inc.
Child Actor Forgiven Victory Fake Four, Inc.
SixO feat. Sole Government Bonds Free Floating Rationales Fake Four, Inc.
K-the-I??? Sun Shine On Me k-the-I??? Fake Four, Inc.
Common Grackle feat. Kool Keith Thank God It's Monday The Great Depression Fake Four, Inc.
David Ramos Tommy Flew Sento La Tua Mancanza Fake Four, Inc.
Bleubird Hand Holdin' Cannonball!!! Fake Four, Inc.