Settin' the Woods On Fire



Country, Folk

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Friday 5/17/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Will Rigby Settin' The Woods On Fire Sidekick Phenomenon Egon
Ron McCleod Suicide
The Travellers(feat. Ronnie Harris) You've Got No Reason 7" Shork
Ferlin Husky Deadly Weapon Livin' Easy King
Doye O'Dell It Takes A Lot Out Of Me
Les Paul and Mary Ford I Just Don't Understand Swingin' South Columbia
Beverly Buff No Part Time Loving 7" Bethlehem
Dave Dudley Just A Few Miles Away Truck Driving Son-Of-A Gun Mercury
Bobby Hodge Taxi-Cab Driver 7" Golden Ring
Kenny Owens Traveling On Her Mind 7" Alley
Ruby Gibbs A Love Like Ours 7" Popularity
Bobbie Williams Wallflower 7' Chris
Bobby Collins After Laughter Came Tears 7" Enterprise
Dick Stubbs Wired For Sound Nashville Steel Guitar Nashville
Dee and Patty Parking 7" Mercury
Benny Ketchum Sad Sad World 7"
Rocky & The Border Kings Gulf Of Mexico
Denny Reed I'm Coming Home 7" United Artists
Red Johnson A Woman's Lips 7"
Johnny Silvers At Least A Thousand Times 7" Stopp
George M. Marshall It's Hard To Forget 7" Gaity
Coleman Harwell II Flip Side OF Me 7" Robbins
Mello Tones Outside The Door
Jeanette Hicks So Near 7" Starday
Skeets McDonald I Am Music Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes Bear Family
Alice Joy He's Coming Back To Me 7" Ashley
Lora Adams Another World 7" Popularity
Eddie Miller My Love Alone 7" Star
Pamela Miller Lawnmower Limosine Throw A Little Love My Way Tower
Troy Hess Dad I'm Just Not You 7" Showland
The Smith Family Singers I'll Never Let The Devil Win Nashville Gospel Mission
Williams Brothers Good Bye Country Boy 7" Del-Mar
Farlan Dexter I Saw The World End 7" Cathy
Jimmie Crane I'll Be At You Wedding 7" Merlene
Tiny Coshart Why I'm Walkin' 7 Coulee
Red Simpson Mini-Skirt Minnie
Harold Porterfield He Sure Made A Wreck Of Me 7" Red Feather
Chill Wills The Hog Everybody's Cousin
Dave Dudley Two Six Pack Away Truck Driving Son-Of-A Gun Mercury
Tony Bellus Valentine Girl 7" NRC
The Brooks Twins Love Comes Easy 7" Golden Wing
George Schill Shadows On The Wall 7"