In Moon, Sun


Today we are joined by Hathor and Isis, Lady Light and Lady Death. We ask ~ What in me must Die so that I may live? Readings of Skeleton Woman from Women Who Run With Wolves (Clarissa Pinkola Estes)


Animal songs, hip hop, archetypal stories, modern compositional, downtempo, wolf woman revolutional, indigenous flute/tribal

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Friday 5/17/2013 @ 3:00AM - 4:30AM
Geishabird A Plea
Love & The Sheik Midnight in Tulum
aids-3d sNARL
Pamela Z Bone Music
Dead Can Dance (Peter Power edit) Yulunga [Spirit Dance]
Dohee Lee Dreams and Whispers
Tom Waits Hold On
Little Ann Deep Shadows
C.Love Drink Me
Moby Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
Rising Appalachia Swoon