Cargo Shorts and Crew Cuts

h.g. & Trotsky & Phil



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Monday 5/13/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Moon Duo Killing Time Killing Time 7 Sacred Bones Record
The Desperate Bicycles Skill Occupied Territory / Skill Refill Records
Blank Pages Pearls of Wisdom Blank Pages 7 Taken By Surprise Records
Broken Cups Love Slave Of The Grave Self Released
Screature All In All Screature Self Released
Cold War The Machinist The Machinist 7 Namedrop Records
Feeding People Uranium Sea Island Universe Innovative Leisure Records
FNU Ronnies Saddle Up Saddle Up Load Records
Index I Tried To Deal Demo Self Released
Screature Siren Screature Self Released
Blitz Boys Eddy's New Shoes Eddy's New Shoes 7 Self Released Told You So Records
Mosquito Fair Foljahn Time Was ERL
PIST The Customer Ideas Are Bulletproof Elevater
Upright Citizens What are We Gonna Do Now? Open Eyes, Open Ears, Brain To Think and Mouths To Speak Better Youth Organization
Parade Getting Away With Murder Circle Of Deception Dangerous Rythm
DA Dark Room Autumn Dark Rooms w/ White Castle
UT Sham Shack S/T Out
Raszebrae Bastradiza Cheap Hapiness Or Lofty Suffering Unseen Hand
Earwig You Dont Even Come Close Might EP La-di-da
Embrace Building S/T Dischord
Apathy My World Out The Window Fat Bat
The Cartoons Who Cares She's a Rock and Roller/Who Cares Last Laugh
the Movers Follow Your Heart Self-Titled Self-Released
Moose and the Mudbugs 20 Ashford Milk Crate Takeover Arf! Arf!
Nightporters Empty Gun Outside Looking In... Safety Net
That Petrol Emotion Fleshprint Manic Pop Thrill Demon
M.O.R. Hang On Self-Titled Self-Released
Obituaries Living at Home Self-Titled Hellgate
Big Black Pigeon Kill Hammer Party Homestead
Moev Rotting Geraniums Self-Titled GCi
Night Soil Man Hyeena Garden of Delights Self-Released
Numb the Hanging Key Self-Titled Edge
Rapeman Superpussy Budd Touch and Go