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New stuff and a few Record Store Day finds.... 


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Wednesday 5/08/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Nektar 1-2-3-4 ...Sounds Like This Bacillus 1973
Nektar Do You Believe In Magic ...Sounds Like This 1973
Captain Beefheart Rollin and Tumblin Frank Freeman's Dance Club and Other Rarities Dandelion New 2013 RSD release/orig recorded in 1968 by John Peel
Captain Beefheart Well Well Well Frank Freeman's Dance Club and Other Rarities
Canned Heat That's All Right Mama Recorded Live in Europe United Artists 1969
David Grubbs I Started To Live When My Barber Died The Plain Where The Palace Stood Drag City New
Julian Lynch Horse Chestnut Lines Underwater Peoples New
UBT The French Song Ego Orientation Psychic Handshake New
Matt K. Shrugg Miracle Cure [Bananas] Matt K. Shrugg Goes Bananas Sacramento Records New Flexi Disc!
The Hussy Way With Words Way With Words 7" Black Gladiator New 7
The Hussy Yr Stupid Way With Words 7" Black Gladiator
Tiny Knives Teysha Man-Child Dwarf March Static Stank House New
Babysitter/Korean Gut Korean Gut - Alley Scowl Babysitter/Korean Gut Split Student Loan Records New
Obnox I'm A Bug Canabible Ohio EP Black Gladiator/Slovenly New
Obnox Flying Canabible Ohio EP Black Gladiator/Slovenly
The Fall Hittite Man Sir William Wray 7 Cherry Red 2013 RSD relase
The Fall Rebellious Jukebox Live At The Witch Trials A Step Forward/I.R.S. 1979
Kitchen + The Plastic Spoons The Poet Screams To God Dark Entries New Re-release/orig 1980-1981/Sweeden
Q4U Draugasaga Q1 Deluxe Edition: 1980-1983 Dark Entries New Re-Release/orig 1980-1983
Moonrises Eyelid Chambers Frozen Altars Captcha New
Plattsburgh Junk Shop Memorial Walalee Chopera M-Pop New
Qutinirpaaq Malvert No Visitors Rural Isolation Project New
Electric Bird Noise Dunebuggy Desert Jelly Silber New
Borbetomagus Fleetwood DeKooning Zurich Agaric Re-Release from 1985/ Agressive Noise-Art-jazz-Rock pioneers from 1979