Caves XL


Featuring Guest Co Host:

Dj Dope (Maxine) 


pop, folk, emo, lo fi ambient, ghost stuff

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Thursday 5/09/2013 @ 4:30AM - 6:00AM
Bad Kisser Ride or Die
Gremlins JonBenet
Advance Base Summer Music A Shut-In's Prayer Ordinal/Caldo Verde
Say Hi To Your Mom Blah Blah Blah Impeccable Blahs Euphobia
Happy Trendy Skinny Ghost Old Friends
OCS I am Slow 3 & 4 Narnack
Holy Shit! You Made My Dreams Come True You Made My Dreams Come True
New Order Dreams Never End Movement Factory
Fluffy Lumbers Adoration Winter Review 2010 Underwater Peoples Records
Bee Eyes Earthworm Jr.
Stinky Smelly The Upper Room Spook
Shinobu Antarctic Stare Strange Spring Air Asian Man San Jose!! Yea! :~)
Skip Skip Ben Ben Sand Sacrifice Mountain Hills
The Cure !0.15 Saturday Night Three Imaginary Boys Fiction
Mumblr Little Green Spots White Jesus
Olive Drab Hugs Girl
Cousin Brian Tired First
Radiator Girls Eerie Body BLACK GIRLS Mjmj Split with Blackhawks
Coma Cinema Satan Made A Mansion Posthumous Release Fork and Spoon Records
My Little Airport When I Listen To The Field Mice Zoo Is Sad, People Are Cruel Elefant Records
Neat Beats Why Would We Need Breaks? Cosmic Surgery Hop Skip Jump Records
Minks Life At Dusk By The Hedge Captured Tracks
BOYZ & GIRL New BOYZ & GIRL Maybe Mars
White Reaper AAlone White Aura