Cargo Shorts and Crew Cuts

h.g. & Trotsky & Phil




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Monday 5/06/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Roy Wood Songs of Praise Boulders United Artists
Chemical People Submarine Dream So Sexist! Cruz
V/A the Nightingales- Insurance Goodbye to All That Red Flame
V/A Voodoo Mark- Coffee Passed Normal FOT USA
Sicilian Vespers Baccala Self-Titled Profile
German Sheperds Armageddon Man Music for Sick Queers Del Amo
V/A Allison Run- Ceremony Something About Joy Division Vox Pop
Classix Nouveaux Every Home Should Have One Self-Titled Liberty
Gina X Performance Be A Boy Nice Mover Plastic Poison
Ghost Dance Radar Love Heart Full of Soul KArbon
Siglo XX the Beginning Til the End of the Night Play it Again Sam
Appliances-SFB the Glory Years Them/Green Door Dutch East India Trading
A Split-Second Mambo Witch Mambo Witch Wax Trax!
Plaid Retina Stardust Pink Eye Lookout!
The Criminals Private Affair S/T Recess
Angelic Upstarts Women In Disguise Women In Disguise Anagram
Dizzy and the Romilars Foreign Daily Dose Medical
The Photos I'm So Attractive S/T Epic
The 27 Various Furry Creatures From The Forest Hi. Susstones
SVT Modern Living EP 415
V/A Jayhawks- My Mirror Bremen Deutschland LC
To Domascus Soul Arch Succumb Ringent
Biff Bang Pow 7seconds Oblivion Creation
God & The State 1967 Summer Ruins Happy Squid
Eugerne Chadbourne Rakeman Vernin of The Blues Fundamental
V/A the Unrelated Segments- It's Gonna Rain Boulders Vol. 9 Moxie
V/A Thunder Rose-- Mr. Boswell Money for Art's Sake Esoteric
Matt K. Shrugg Feel Good Hit of the Summer Goes Bananas SAC/ Phono Select *New
Deformity Cracks/ Rut Deformity Tape 2013 S/R *New