Shark Hour

Jaguar Shark


Pop, Rock

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Tuesday 5/07/2013 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Spectrals Milky Way Sob Story Slumberland album out June 18th!
The School I Don't Believe In Love Loveless Unbeliever Elefant
Asobi Seksu Perfectly Crystal Fluorescence Polyvinyl
V/A Kind - The House (A Dream) The Waaaaah! CD Bring on Bull Records
The Corn Dollies Forever Steven Forever Steven The Farm Label
Action Painting! Collapsing Cloud Mustard Gas 7" Sarah
The Halo Benders Devil City Destiny The Rebels Not In K
Incredible Force of Junior Five-Eight Let the World Fall Apart Up Records
The Cannanes I Met You As A Baby Caveat Emptor Feel Good All Over
Weekend Mirror Jinx Slumberland album out July 23rd!
Marine Girls Second Sight Lazy Ways Techiku Records
The Besties Prison Song Singer Skipping Stones Records
English Singles Ordinary Girls Ordinary Girls 7" Slumberland
V/A Lorelei - Not the Answer Slumberland Records: The First 20 Years Slumberland
The Pastels Check My Heart Check My Heart Single Domino USA album, Slow Summits, out May 27th!
Even As We Speak One Step Forward Feral Pop Frenzy Sarah
Smittens, The party time A Little Revolution North of January/Dangerfive
The Mantles Brown Balloons Long Enough to Leave Slumberland album out June 18th!
Days Downhill Downhill Shelflife
The Hot Toddies Motorscooter Smell the Mitten Asian Man Records
Heavenly Sacramento The Decline and Fall of Heavenly K
V/A Rocketship - Your New Boyfriend Why Popstars Can't Dance Slumberland
Cars Can Be Blue I Like All the Stuff We Do Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records