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Maggie Cat


Pop, Rock, Electronic

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Monday 4/29/2013 @ 8:00PM - 9:00PM
Idiot Glee Pinkwood Life Without Jazz Hop Hop
Dent May Shakedown Street Grateful Dead cover
Mac Demarco Dreaming 2 Captured Tracks
Jan Camino a Venus
Odyssey Who b/w Sad Face 1974
Bedroom Walls Winter, That's All I Saw You Coming Back To Me More Real Cats Music
Bill Baird Spring Break of the Soul Spring Break Of The Soul Pau Wau Records
Foot Ox I Wish I O O O Stank House
Dump Relocation Program I Can Hear Music Morr Music
Death Songs Giving Sung Inside A House Post-Consumer
Foot Foot In One Room Trumpet Oedipus
The Battle of Land and Sea Saltwater Queen The Battle of Land and Sea Notenuf
Rio en Medio Do You Hear? Peace Sequence Women's Work Recordings
Tomten Anyone's Guess Wednesday's Children Flat Field Records still available through the KDVS fundraiser as a premium