Effigy of the Misbegotten


 Last show prior to next weeks fundraiser. The metal madness reigns with more local, regional, and bands with HELLFIRE or HELFIRE for our European friends. Polluter.

Metal Bands, submit your music for airplay to:


14 Lower Freeborn Hall

 Davis, CA 95616



Heavy Metal and Hard Rock

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Friday 4/19/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Deftones Bored Deftones Maverick Chi Cheng, bassist for Deftones passed 4/13/13 status post motor vehicle accident
Judas Priest Beyond The Realms Of Death Live In London SPV 2003 with Ripper.
Minenwerfer Carnage of Yutland Nihilistischen Christian Annihilation At Festum Carnis 2013 4/27/13.
Rotten Funeral Sodomizer Of Black Holes Satanic Black Metal Promo self released Also Festum Carnis 4/27/13
Valdur wound fires in the afterlife Raven God Amongst Us Bloody Mountain Ditto above
Absu Earth Ripper Abzu Candlelight Records Headlining Festum Carnis 4/27/13
Rush 2112 All The World's A Stage Mercury Rush Made the R & R Hall Of Fame Inductee this year
Defeated Sanity Lusting For Transcendence Passages Into Deformity Willowtip Brutality by request!
Guttural Secrete Stainless Conception Nourishing The Spoil Brutal Bands Bonus Brutality!
Inquisition Within The Red Hellfire We Burn Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer No Colours Records Starting the Hellfire theme.
Accept Hellfire Stalingrad Hammerheart Records
Necrophobic Helfire bloodhymns Hammerheart Records
Hell-Born Hellfire Darkness Witching Hour Productions
AIRBORNE Hellfire Runnin' Wild Roadrunner
Marduk Of Hells Fire Nightwing Osmose Productions Thanks for the request!
1349 Hellfire Hellfire candlelight The Magnum Opus of Hellfire!
Demonical Through Hellfire Death Infernal Metal Blade One more for the theme.
Byfrost Buried Alive Of Death AFM Records
Suffocation Purgatorial Punishment Pinnacle of Bedlam Nuclear Blast
Newtdick Twat is Tetroditoxin Slime The Planet The Nutzz Records